Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Septic System?   A system is generally made up of a septic tank and leach field  Your septic system stores and treats wastewater before releasing it back into nature.

Where is the opening to my Septic Tank?  There are generally 2 lids which are most often buried under ground.  One is for the solid side of your tank,  and the other for the grey water side.  When being serviced, both tanks should be pumped.  If you don't know where your lids are buried, you can contact your local Building Dept. (Chaffee County Building Dept 719-539-2124).  If they don't have your specs on file, Antero Septic does have a locator (for a fee).  

What do I need to do to before having my tanks pumped?  The lids should be dug up and exposed prior to Antero Septic Co's arrival.  If the lids are 6 inches or more underground, Antero Septic Co recommends the installation of risers.  Valley Precast services Chaffee County.  Their number is 719-395-6764.

How often should my septic tank be pumped?  A good rule of thumb is every 2 years for a family of four and every 4 years for a family of two.   If you have an older system that has been neglected, it may require more frequent service.  

Why should I clean my system?  There is waste accumulating from your toilet, garbage disposal, food, grease and bugs.  To prolong the life of your system and to protect the leach field, regular maintenance is the single most necessary task.   Replacement costs can begin at $20,000.

How can I minimize the waste my septic system receives?  In addition to regular pumping, you can reduce the amount of wastewater and solids that enter your septic, which will prolong its life.  Common methods include minimizing the amount of water you use (suggestions include the use of a high efficiency washing machine), avoiding the use of a garbage disposal (which sends solids into your septic tank), and avoiding the use of chemicals which kill the bacteria your septic system relies on (such as water softeners, drain cleaners, paint,  coffee grounds, feminine products, cigarette butts, and bleach).

How quickly can I make an appointment for service?  Depending on when you contact us, the wait time can be anywhere from a week to four weeks.  The Buena Vista Sanitation District has a limited capacity for wastewater treatment.  We have to make an appointment with the sanitation district daily to dump at the treatment facility, therefore, during the summer and fall months when service calls increase, and holidays, the wait time for service may increase.

Do I have to be present for service?  No, as long as the lids are exposed, we can service your system and invoice you.  




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